Colombian Coffee by Grano Vivo – Fair Trade Coffee – Medium Roast Arabica Coffee

Colombian Coffee History
Whole bean coffee was introduced to Colombia in the early 1800s. Today, Bourbon, Typica, Caturra, and Maragogype are cultivated. These types are exceptional examples of Arabica coffee beans.

Colombian Whole Bean Coffee Market
The Colombian Coffee market has done a commendable job in promoting its product worldwide. However the majority of the selections you discover in the stores are overvalued. Don't worry, exceptional examples of Colombian whole bean coffee are readily available in specialty shops and on the internet. Fresh roasted Colombian whole bean coffee is rich in taste, heavy bodied, has a brilliant acidity, and is intensely fragrant and has earned its position as one of the world's favorite coffee producing countries.

Colombian Whole Bean Coffee Production
Colombia produces about 12 % of the whole bean coffee worldwide, second just to Brazil (Keep in mind: This year coffee production in Vietnam is expected to exceed that of Colombia. Sadly, Vietnam produces virtually 100 % Robusta). Robusta is an extremely bitter coffee bean; it is mostly made use of in instant coffee, espresso, and as a filler in ground coffee blends.

Finest Whole Bean Coffee Producing Regions in Colombia.
There are two main areas of whole bean coffee production in Colombia– one in the central region and one in the eastern mountains. The central region is MAM (Medillín, Armenia, and Manizales). Hallmarks of MAM coffees are heavy body, rich taste, and subtle acidity. The eastern mountain region is Bogotá and Bucaramanga. These coffees are less acidic however keep the richness and brightness. Bucaramanga is milder, frequently fuller bodied, and rich in taste similar to Sumatran coffees.

Selecting a favorite whole bean coffee is similar to being forced to proclaim a "favorite band or singer". You have a "go-to" that stands apart in your mind however various feelings and scenarios require different options. Take pleasure in the coffee experience like your musical preferences.

Close your eyes and remember the very best mug of coffee you’ve ever had. Now imagine it occurring in your home.

In Spanish "Grano Vivo" literally refers to "living bean". There is a life to coffee beans. We remember this when our coffee is cultivated, harvested and lovingly roasted. When brewed appropriately the outcome compares to the very best coffee houses and is really remarkable.

What you’re getting now is a full-bodied medium roast Colombian coffee. If you want coffee beans roasted completely to match the profile then look no further.

Serving terrific coffee takes attention from our entire "Triad of Taste". From the plantation, on to the artisan roaster and finally the coffee lover considering this package. You will discover more about our "Triad" when you take us up on the Barista Americano French Press offer included with your coffee purchase today. Only then will you know the function you play in the process of delivering an exceptional cup of coffee. We can't do it without you!

Grano Vivo is the only whole bean coffee on this site displaying the Baristia FreshLock brand. It ensures you of market leading coffee packaging ensuring the best coffee right to your door and into your mug. You will enjoy it and your guests will wonder where you are hiding the barista.

Why just a twelve ounce pouch? We turn our inventory over more regularly with this more effective size allows the coffee in your favorite mug to be as fresh as it can be from retail. You will see why this makes good sense when you taste the coffee.

We ensure you will experience what artisan-roasted means and you will never settle for anything less ever again.

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Sofia's Treasures was founded upon the basic principle of helping people discover quality products at friendly prices from anywhere in the world.

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