Counting Beans The Cool Way

By James Brown

Whether it was a classroom raffle or a county fair, one of my favorite games was to count the beans. A jar full of beans is set on a counter and people ask you to guess how many beans are in the jar. The closest person wins the prize. It was always a challenge to try to figure out how deep and wide the jar was, and guess how many beans could fit in there. Sometimes website managers play the same game trying to determine the effectiveness of their site. We no longer need to do that as Web tool makers have given us a number of great ways to count the people who come through our electronic door.

Creative counters

Web links offer many types of counters from ones that look like small digital outputs at the bottom of the screen to those that are shaped like soccer balls or cupcakes or any other image that matches the site. Counters are useful not only to know how many people have visited your web site but also to show others how many folks see your page. This practice is particularly good for sales sites. Counters also serve a purpose for the Web designers to conceive if a change in Web design is creating an increase in traffic. Either way you look at it, a counter is a much better way of tracking your beans.

How did you get here?

Sometimes the best way to see how effective your site isn’t simply to see how many people came to visit, but exactly where they came from. If you place ads on other websites and you know how many people of your total visitors came from the sites you can make the best placement for your investment. Linking stats also enable the web site manager to know some of the interests that people have when they come to your web site. If a number of people come to your site from a soccer web site, you know that that’s a common interest among your clientele and create designs to draw them in. Linking programs are just valuable because they place your site in its surroundings to let you know where it stands on the web as a whole.

Turn the page

Because the Internet is a system that relies on cross space communication, you can’t really watch the person who’s accessing your site. One of the most helpful tools available to site managers is a tool that shows which pages of your web site a user accesses. This way, if you notice they are going directly to a specific page, you can see that’s the information that they are really looking for. On the other hand, if users access your home page but don’t go any further into your web site, that gives you a clue there’s something not quite right about that page and may need redesigned to be more inviting. Understanding which parts of your site are accessed on a consistent basis is a potent design tool.

The work of a site manager is only as good as the number of people who use the site. Using these tracking Web tools, statistics can show you what you have, what you need and how many beans are in the jar.

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Purchasing Espresso Beans

By Jack Blacksmith

A short guide to purchasing chocolate covered espresso beans wholesale

So you know you want to purchase chocolate covered espresso beans wholesale and going online will give you the best selection and the best prices. The only thing is you aren’t sure how to do this and keep your credit card safe. Well, no problem this will show you how to get your product and keep your identity safe from thieves. We’ve all heard bad stores about people who’ve had their bank accounts plundered and their identity stolen. If you follow a few simple tips you can keep safe when shopping for espresso beans, coffee, or even an espresso maker!

Buying espresso beans or any other coffee product on the internet doesn’t have to be as hard as you think, you just need to make sure you know what you are doing when you want to use your credit card to shop on the internet.

You need to always be sure of what you are purchasing. Even though a web site says it has the best product on the market, make sure you read the description of the product carefully and study the photographs as well. You want to pour over the fine print and see if there are any clues that might indicate that what you are about to order is not the same as what you are seeing online. You need to keep in mind that if you think you are getting a great deal that seems to be too good to be true, than it probably is too good to be true!

You also need to take care with how you buy your products online. Before you punch in a single number online you should carefully read the website and see all the options they accept for payment and how they will ship your brand new espresso maker or yummy espresso beans to you! If your site asks you for private information like your Social Security number, driver’s license number, or your bank account number then you should stay away. No one should be asking you for this kind of information to buy espresso beans or an espresso maker.

Keeping excellent records of your online purchases can keep you safe too. You will want to keep hard copies of all email correspondence, shipping information, and payment transactions. Make sure you have all the details of your business dealings with the company to make sure you get what you paid for.

If you still don’t feel safe ordering things online, then you can always use a trusted 1-800 number to order over the phone. You could also request a wholesale catalog, the old fashioned way – through the mail!

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How To Get Wholesale Expresso Beans

By Tim Lapkovski

Many online shops offer really competative wholesale prices on chocolate covered expresso beans. The only problem is, you might not trust them without risking your credit card number or your identity.

The qualitative definition of espresso includes a thicker consistency than drip coffee, a higher amount of dissolved solids than drip coffee per relative volume, and a serving size that is usually measured in shots. Espresso is chemically complex and volatile, with many of its chemical components degrading from oxidation or loss of temperature. Properly brewed espresso has three major parts: the heart, body and, the most distinguishing factor, the presence of crema, which is a reddish-brown foam which floats on the surface of the espresso. It is composed of vegetable oils, proteins and sugars. Crema has elements of both emulsion and foam colloid.

When buying your chocolate covered expresso beans from an online wholesaler, you should take a few precautions to ensure you won’t be ripped off. First, always know what youre buying. Watch out for fine print and adjectives that might suggest that what youll get in the mail wont exactly be what they offered online.

The second step is to take care how you buy. Before making a purchase at a web site, find out what type of payments the site accepts and how they ship their products. Record every purchase you make online, too. That means printing hard copies of all transaction information, including the shipping information and any e- mails that the web site sends you. Keep the name of the web site, the official online description of the beans you bought (how many pounds, for instance), and the exact date, time, and price of your purchase. These will be very handy if the web site shortchanges you. If you are absolutely paranoid about data theft, you could always purchase your beans over the phone.

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