How to Do Coffee Enema?

Coffee enema is very different from saline enema due to the caffeine, theophylline and theobromine from coffee. When coffee is introduced from the anus, the compounds combine and stimulate the relaxation of smooth muscles causing dilatation of blood vessels and bile ducts.

The benefits of coffee enemas is different from drinking coffee because the absorption of coffee. The coffee is a stimulant to our liver. It will be taken to liver through hemorrhodial vein and speed up the detoxification process. The enzymes in coffee (palmitates) help carrying out the toxins in bile acid. When bile ducts are dilated, more toxins are carried away by the biles to the gastro-intestinal tract. When the lower colon is full of 1.5 litres of coffee, the colon will evacuate all the coffee, toxins and bile out of our body.

The materials that are required for a successful and complete coffee enema is reusable enema kit, organic coffee or coffee which is not decaffeinated, purified or filtered water, pot to boil coffee and a jug that is able to fill up 1.5 litres of water.

Pour 0.5 litre of water and 2 teaspoon of coffee powder into the pot. Boil it for 10 minutes. Mix the coffee with the other 1 litre of water into the jug. Make sure the temperature is close to your body temperature by sticking your hand into the jug. Pour the mixture into the enema bag. Hang the enema bag at somewhere which is at the height of your door knob. Allow some water to come out to make sure all the air is out from the tube. Insert in your anus and lie down on the floor by shifting to the right side. Allow the coffee to go in your body and hold it around 10 minutes.

There are some important notes you need to remember. Always make sure the temperature is around your body temperature. It is ok that you feel like letting go the coffee out of your body when only 0.5 litre is introduced into the body. This usually happens for the first few or even after ten times. Allow yourself to release it out from your body. Make sure your coffee enemas are done in the toilet.

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