Manual Ceramic Burr Coffee Mill – A Wonderful Mill for the Travelling Coffee Enthusiast!

This Premium Hand operated Coffee Grinder is aimed straight in the house, workplace or taking a trip Coffee lovers. It has quality parts and produces outstanding ground coffee at a portion of the cost of other more pricey designs - with far exceptional outcomes.

Whether Grinding coarse for a French Press or fine grind for Espresso then a Hand operated Coffee Grinder is the perfect option for experiencing the freshest Coffee Taste and Fragrance readily available.

The product comes well packaged and with clear operating directions and contains great storage abilityof ..100 gms, more than sufficient for making 2 big cups of coffee.

The Burrs have been newly developed and made from high quality Ceramic Stone in a Conical shape to give a more even grind ... the aim is to produce more of a "Pestle and Mortar" action which Crushes the Coffee Bean between the Burrs to Extract more of the Natural Flavour and Character of the Coffee ... this is the most obvious distinction between a Blade Grinder and a Burr Coffee Mill as blades cut and smash the Bean resulting in a less extreme flavour and in some cases, due to the heat generated, a change in flavour.

Using Ceramic Burrs instead of Steel blades means that this Grinder is resilient and ought to operate dependably for many years without deterioration.

The Glass Storage container,which includes an airtight lid, is made of Toughened Glass. It is totally dishwasher safe and has actually likewise been re-designed to be smoother inside in order to offer less chance for the Ground Coffee to adhere to the sides ... it is for that reason much easier to clean!

Another brand-new feature of the Design is the addition of a Silicone Anti Slip mat on the bottom of the Storage Jar and a Silicone Hopper Lid ... The Anti Slip Mat makes it much easier, safer and much more comfortable to hold whilst Grinding and keeps the Grinder secure on the worktop when in use. The Hopper Lid is a really beneficial addition to the old design as it stops the Coffee Beans from Spilling from the hopper when in use.

This product has lots of rivals in the market however few equals for its ease of use, quality of materials and also the quality of its outcomes ... Clearly it is a Hand operated Grinder, Not Electric, as such it takes a brief time to adjust to the procedure however it's likewise an enjoyment to make use of and extremely satisfying to take 2-3 minutes to hand grind your own fresh coffee in the Morning, Evening or anytime!

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The very best Hand Operated Coffee Grinder Available in the UNITED STATES today! ... This newly re-designed Premium Coffee Grinder makes actually outstanding ground coffee at a portion of the cost of more pricey designs.
Whether Grinding coarse French Press or great Espresso then a Hand operated Coffee Grinder is the perfect option for experiencing that fresh Coffee Taste.


• HIGH QUALITY COMPONENTS - Using Stainless-steel parts & Unique Ceramic Grinding Burrs ... the key to achieving wonderful Fresh Brew Taste & Flavour

• STONE GRINDING BURRS -To adjust the Grind you simply twist & lock the Stainless-steel adjustment assembly, which moves the grinding burrs closer or further apart, this is the major difference between Blade and Burr Grinders. ... Blade Grinders cut the Beans however Burr Grinders act more like Pestle & Mortars by crushing the Bean between the grinding Burrs to guarantee that all the flavour and character of the Coffee is released

• EXCEPTIONAL FLAVOUR RELEASE -Hand operated Grinding extracts much more flavour than cutting beans into pieces, it's extremely satisfying to spend just 2 mins grinding your coffee to produce more than enough fresh coffee for 2 big cups!

• LOW HEAT & FRICTION - Ceramic Burrs do not heat up. This means much less heat which impacts flavour

• RELIABLE OPERATION & STURDINESS - Using Ceramic Burrs, instead of steel, (ensures|guarantees|makes sure} many years of reliable operation. They are extremely resilient and do not corrode

• EASILY WASHABLE - The Grinder is washable in warm Water. The Glass Storage Jar is likewise totally Dishwasher Safe

• AIRTIGHT GLASS STORAGE & TRAVEL JAR -The Glass Airtight Storage Jar is made from Toughened Glass - Perfect for the workplace or when taking a trip ... a special feature on this design is that the mill likewise fits a basic Mason Jar.

• COMFORTABLE & SAFE TO USE - The Hopper has a Versatile Silicone Lid to stop beans from Spilling. The Glass Container has a soft Silicone Base cover to guarantee the Coffee Grinder remains taken care of when you Grind

LIFETIME WARRANTY - This product really is a "Finest Buy"... specifically at this great value promo cost. Buyers can buy in Self-confidence knowing that they are getting great value backed with a 100 percent Cash back Warranty!

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