Which Type of Coffee Machine Will Suit Your Business?

a) Traditional Espresso Machines

These machines incorporate the art and theatricality of coffee making, and therefore good barista training is essential to ensure a detailed knowledge of great coffee production. A barista is an expert at making espresso and a master of a variety of espresso based beverages. Once these skills have been mastered, a good barista can produce hundreds of drinks per day.

Prices can vary from around £800 to £6000, but remember, you get what you pay for, so make sure that the machine you choose is new and fully warranted, including full barista training and a good support service. The great thing about traditional machines is that there are no major moving parts so less to go wrong.

b) Bean to Cup Machines

A bean to cup machine does exactly what it says! The fresh coffee beans are placed inside the machine and on the press of a button the machine automatically grinds the beans and pours both coffee and milk into your cup. The machine automatically heats and froths the milk to produce the perfect latte/cappuccino etc. The milk is usually kept in a fridge or milk chiller next to the machine; a pipe from the machine connects into the fridge and when the drink selection button is pressed the machine draws the milk from the fridge and sucks it into the machine steams, heats it and drops it into the cup.

These various coffee machines are designed to produce anything from 50 cups per day to over 500 per day. The cost of these can vary from under £1000 to well over £10000, so it is important you make the correct choice.

c) Pod System

Similar to traditional, but you would usually only have 1 or 2 group versions and you wouldn’t need a grinder because you would use what are called pods. The advantages are that they are easy to use, producing good quality drink and nice aromas. The time taken to make the coffee is approximately the same as a traditional machine. The disadvantages are that they are more expensive per cup due to packaging cost. Typically a good quality pod will cost 20p per cup to produce. These machines will suit any small site and tend to be cheaper than the other machines, costing around £395 upwards.

d) Filter System and Bulk Brew System

These systems are for simply using filter coffee. A 2 jug filter makes great coffee for about 5 to 7 minutes, however if it’s left to stew for a while, as filter coffee usually is, the quality quickly deteriorates due to constant warming. Typically there can be waste, and so while the cup price is around 10p per cup, with waste, this could work out to be nearer 20p per cup. It can be used if there is a high demand for coffee over a short space of time such as serving 120 wedding guests after the dinner. A filter machine is always a back up to a traditional or bean to cup machine for use at very busy times or in case of a machine breakdown.

Bulk brew systems are large scale filter systems used in locations such as banqueting facilities, hotels and sporting events. There are hundreds of different coffee machine systems available depending on how many litres of coffee need to be served and in what time scale.

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Creating Terrific Tasting Coffee with Italian Coffee Brewers

They say that to have a delicious cup of coffee in the morning may be the most effective method to start the day. In virtually all nations all over the world, coffee drinking is now genuinely preferred. Just appear around the city and you are positive to uncover a few coffee shops jam packed with people today. But have you ever wondered what makes an excellent tasting coffee? A lot of believe that the secret lies within the approach of brewing and producing the coffee which is why baristas are carefully trained to ideal the art of coffee making.
In Italy for instance, coffee enthusiasts say that they produce the most flavorful coffee in the world. From their espressos, cappuccinos, and macchiatos, Italian coffee makers indeed have the talent for creating delicious tasting coffee. And naturally, they are in a position to brew coffee masterpieces using the support of their special Italian coffee makers.

You will find a couple of names for Italian coffee makers. Some call it Moka pot, Machinetta, or sometimes Bialetti but essentially, it can be a modest coffee pot that’s placed on top of a stove to create espresso. It was invented by Luigi De Ponti but was patented by Alfonos Bialetti in 1933. Originally, the design was developed for brewing one cup of coffee only but when the design became common and it was widely utilised all over Europe, different sizes have been made to conveniently brew more cups of coffee.

Even as much as this day. Numerous still use Italian coffee makers as they think that it assists preserve the taste of coffee and really make it extra flavorful. As compared to other coffee makers like the drip coffee and also the automatic espresso machines, the use of Moka pots still generate the best outcomes as the stove top method permits efficient control of the pressure of the steam which helps extract a lot more flavors from the coffee beans.

The approach of making Italian coffee making use of Italian coffee makers is basic sufficient that when you have a Moka pot at home, then you are able to generate your personal delicious brew. To assist you, here are some simple instructions:

. The 1st step would be to fill the base of the coffee maker with water. Most models have a line indicating the amount you must pour in but if the model you may have doesn’t have that indication, then just be certain to pour water before it reaches the pressure valve.

. Attach the filter funnel just on top of the water and be careful not to obtain it soaked. Then place the coffee beans on the filter.

. Replace the moka pot cover and place the machine on top of the stove with a low heat setting. When the coffee fills up the upper tank, then it is ready for drinking.

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Espresso Coffee Machine Vital Buying Tips

Most avid coffee drinkers will concur that an espresso coffee machine could be the one and only piece of kit you can purchase that can provide the ideal cup of coffee. You will be shocked, then, that quite a few of those coffee followers do not in fact personal an espresso coffee machine. You’ll find numerous distinctive kinds of machine. Understanding where to start can be complicated so here is definitely an overview in the primary varieties out there in the marketplace.

Espresso Coffee Machine Buying Ideas.

In total you’ll find three different kinds of espresso coffee machine. These are manual, semi automated and fully automatic. So that you can decide which one is very best for you personally, one requirements to look at what balance of how uncomplicated it’s to use versus the degree of control more than the coffee making process. Knowing the distinction in between espresso machines is vitally essential on this respect.

Manual Espresso Coffee Machines

That is created up of a pump driven machine for frothing. Several of these are also semi automated for speeding up the method.

Semi Automatic Espresso Machines

These are significantly simpler to make use of than their manual counterparts. Use of those entails starting the pump after which waiting for the extraction process, which actually takes twenty to thirty seconds. This model in the espresso coffee machine is highly well-known along with a breeze to use in contrast using the previous design machines.

One Touch Systems

This entails pressing a pad to initiate extraction. Once the required volume of espresso has long been delivered using this machine, it automatically switches itself back again off without the want for manual intervention. This sort of machine is frequently used in industrial outlets for example cafeterias or eating places.

Super Automatic Espresso Machines.

These machines are quite fast and integrate each water and coffee grinders to the method that are activated with the press of a button. Everything is programmed such as the quantity of coffee required/delivered. This type of machine is extremely well-liked and has many apparent advantages more than the other people outlined over.


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