Home Ground Coffee In The Burr Grinder

When it comes to making your own coffee from home ground beans, there is just no substitute. Your initial purchase of a conical burr grinder could pay for itself in just a few weeks, depending on the amount of coffee you drink and how much money you might normally spend buying coffee already made. Self ground coffee using a burr grinder is as fresh as it gets. The only fresher coffee would be made if you were to roast your own coffee beans, and grow them in your backyard. Home ground coffee is full of antioxidants and the most luxurious way to start your morning. Whether it’s for you, your family, or a food service business, everyone will appreciate freshly ground, perfectly brewed coffee.

Before purchasing a capresso burr grinder, it is important to make sure that you have a way to purchase whole coffee beans that you can grind. Most supermarkets will have them from several different brands. You can choose coffee beans from the same brand that manufactures your favorite ground or instant coffees. Try to experiment with other brands, and use additional ingredients to make your own coffee unique. Some people grind whole flax seeds with their coffee to add extra nutrients. Visit a health food store to get other ideas as to what you could put into your coffee that you might not find in a supermarket.

A capresso burr grinder can range from under a hundred dollars to a few hundred. They are usually preferable to using a food slicer or chopper to grind coffee beans. While most coffee bean choppers are very small, usually taking up a very small amount of counter space, they will not be able to slice the coffee into uniform grains. Most of them do not have many speeds, either. A capresso burr grinder can chop a coffee bean evenly and into large or fine grains. Your method of brewing and variety of coffee bean will be the main factors in determining the size to use. Coffee that is too fine will usually have a harsh, overprocessed flavor. Particles of coffee that are too big will result in a weaker brew, unless more coffee is used.

A burr grinder will need to be cleaned regularly, even if it is just wiped down with a damp cloth after each use. It should be unplugged if it is electrical, as most modern ones are. Your conical burr grinder can be used to grind large amounts of coffee that can e stored in an airtight container to be brewed later. Ground coffee spoils much more quickly than whole coffee beans, as much more of the surface is exposed to the air.

The capresso burr grinder makes a great gift for any coffee enthusiast and is sure to be a hit. It saves money and makes the best brew at home, for that on the go taste. It’s not for coffee drinkers who are always on the move- the extra time taken to use a burr grinder to grind your own coffee will always be rewarded with that rich, fresh flavor.


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A Creative Gift Idea – Coffee Gift Baskets

Nobody wants to give the same gifts year after year. If you are looking for a unique gift idea, then look no further than a gourmet coffee gift basket.

If you’re like me, you aren’t exactly thrilled by the prospect of trying to find the perfect gift for your family and close friends. It isn’t so much the social necessity of exchanging presents during the holidays, it’s the struggle to find something personal and useful for the recipient.

I like to find gifts that are useful and enjoyable for the person receiving the present. It would be great if we could afford to give our loved ones a Mercedes or BMW, but that isn’t realistic for most of us. So, I like to look at what my loved ones use on a daily basis, then think of a way to make it into a gift that is fun.

If there is one thing that nearly all of my friends and relatives use on a daily basis it’s COFFEE! Many people use coffee purely for its utilitarian value of being a stimulant. They stumble to their kitchen each morning and slurp down a couple cups before they open their eyes. Well, I like to think of my morning cup as ritual that connects me with the earth and farmers from far away places. I only drink organic Fair Trade, gourmet quality coffee.

So, what could be a better gift for a coffee drinker than a gift basket filled with gourmet coffee and coffee goodies? There are a plethora of coffee gift baskets online, in stores, you name it. But, I wouldn’t purchase a stale, shrink wrap encased gift basket from a big box store. No, I would go straight to the source for the freshest coffee possible, that’s right, the COFFEE ROASTER!

If you don’t have a gourmet coffee roaster in your neighborhood then you can certainly find one online. There are many roasters online that also make delicious coffee gift baskets for the holidays. You can find baskets that contain everything from chocolate covered espresso beans to French press coffee makers! Personally, I like to go with a roaster that only roasts certified organic Fair Trade coffees, but that is a personal choice.

A few things to keep in mind when you’re shopping for the perfect coffee gift are freshness, price, quality and shipping time. I would steer clear of any company that doesn’t fresh roast the coffee. Even the finest gourmet coffees taste horrible once they’ve gone stale! Price is always an issue, but remember many times you do get what you pay for. So, if you can’t afford a deluxe $200.00 gift basket, find one that is smaller, yet still high quality, for a price you can afford. Quality is of the utmost importance. Look at the pictures of the baskets, and make sure you know the quality of the coffees involved. Gourmet coffees should be 100% Arabica. If the roaster doesn’t list the species of coffee you can always inquire. Steer clear of Robusta. Finally, we have shipping time. Some coffee companies will let you purchase a basket far in advance of the holiday and let you choose the ship date. If you are getting down to crunch time make sure there is a guaranteed delivery date. A late gift is better than no gift, but having that cup of gourmet coffee on Christmas morning is better!

If you would like the source for fresh roasted organic Fair Trade coffee and chocolate gift baskets click on coffee gift baskets for a full selection of gourmet coffee gifts. Another great gift idea is aCoffee of the Month Club membership!


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You are what you drink…where do our products come from?

I like to think of myself as more of a ‘coffee kind of girl…But how much thought do we actually give to where the products we drink originate from? I know that until recently the answer was probably not a lot… however in today’s eco world, more and more people want to know where their products come from.

A few years ago a coffee machine was a kettle in the corner of the staff room… nowadays an office coffee machine is a sleekly designed device that serves good tasting coffee in less than 30 seconds.

But the question is this: “ Where does this coffee come from?”
Colombia, Kenya and Costa Rica are three of the top suppliers of finely roasted coffee beans. It’s not only high street coffee shops that can supply great tasting roasts from all over the world… these delectable delights are available right at your finger tips, and can be with you in a matter of seconds – All courtesy of the office coffee machine…

A company I came across called http://www.flaviastore.co.uk/why-flavia.htm are keen advocates of the fresh is best movement… which means consumers get fresh coffee without extortionate high street prices. Flavia have introduced a revolutionary filter pack system which keeps all their coffee at it’s optimum best, protecting it from air and moisture that could potentially ruin that rich coffee taste.

Flavia tells me that they pride themselves on obtaining coffee from only the best growers and master roasters from all around the world, which is a relief for all you caffeine junkies out there. Flavia aren’t the only drinks machine providers who have adopted this attitude, more and more drinks machine manufacturers are beginning to stand by the ‘fresh is best’ campaign.

Statistically speaking: Coffee machines are the most used piece of office equipment, and as such have to be able to produce top quality drinks that deliver good taste.

So whether you’re looking for your next café latte or cappuccino… you can rest assured that drinks machine manufacturers now provide top-notch coffee grown all over the world. This finely roasted coffee is then harvested and ends up in your office coffee machine to give you that caffeine kick right when you need it most. Yum!

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