Coffee Facts and Gourmet Coffee Figures

Some great gourmet coffee trivia:

* The Boston Tea Party was planned in a coffee house – the Green Dragon Coffee House

* One Coffee Tree or plant in its normal harvest will produce enough coffee cherries to make one pound of coffee bean

* 27% of U.S. coffee drinkers and 43% of German drinkers add a sweetener to their coffee.

* The world’s largest coffee producer is Brazil with over 3,970 million coffee trees. Colombia produces alot of gourmet coffee for its size – coming in second in the world with around two thirds of Brazil’s production of gourmet coffee.

* Hard bean means the coffee was grown at an altitude above 5000 feet.

* Arabica and Robusta trees can produce crops for 20 to 30 years under proper conditions and care.

* Most coffee is transported by ships. Currently there are approximately 2,200 ships involved in transporting the beans each year.

* In Turkey a husband who refused to provide his wife with a mocha latte could be divorced by her!

Next to the United States Germany is the world’s second largest consumer of coffee in terms of volume at 16 pounds per person. Second to the United States at 19 pounds per person.

* Over 53 countries grow coffee worldwide, but all of them lie along the equator between the tropic of Cancer and Capricorn.

* An acre of coffee trees can produce up to 10,000 pounds of coffee cherries. That amounts to approximately 2,000 pounds of beans after hulling or milling.

* The percolator was invented in 1827 by a French man. It would boil the gourmet coffee producing a bitter tasting brew – alot like Starbucks coffee today. Today most people use the drip or filtered method to brew their gourmet coffee.

* With the exception of Hawaii and Puerto Rico, no coffee is grown in the United States or its territories.

Cowboys use to roast coffee over an open fire. It wasn’t until the 70′s that batch roasting became popular.

* Each year some 7 million tons of green beans are produced world wide. Most of which is hand picked.

* The popular trend towards flavored coffees originated in the United States during the 1970′s.

* October 1st is the official Gourmet Coffee Day in Japan.

* The first coffee tree in the Western Hemisphere was brought from France to the Island of Martinique in the 1720′s

* China drinks 70 times as much tea as coffee

* Coffee trees are not grown anywhere in the continental US but can be found in Hawaii. Due to the high costs of land the coffee is sold at quite the premium falsely convincing people it is a premium grade coffee

* Coffee beans can be eaten raw or raw in chocolate – deliverying twice the punch and caffeine as brewed coffee

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Gourmet Black Coffee

Common people always desire something that is a slightly enhanced or perhaps just rather a little diverse. This is positively true when it comes to coffee. There is a huge variety of coffee available in the market. The coffee bean is the one of the most significant things you can aspect into coffee making. Plenty of people think that the setting the coffee bean was lifted up in has a load to do with the taste of the coffee. Roasting of coffee beans also matters to enhance the taste of coffee. Gourmet black coffee beans will plug your want of ultimate taste with a more vigorous and diverse flavor.

There is diverse collection of gourmet flavored black coffee beans accessible for each season and particular juncture or event are the spotlight of many a coffee lover. If you need a touch of chocolate or other flavor in your coffee it is not difficult to find the ideal brand of gourmet black coffee particularly during the holiday season.

Gourmet black coffee is equipped after applying oils to the roasted beans. These oils are made particularly for flavoring coffee beans. The finest oils are geared up using natural ingredients

Gourmet black coffees give unusual effect to our mood. Actually in reality Gourmet coffees are successful coffees of the globe. You can acquire many high-quality effects of gourmet coffees. Gourmet black coffee is perfect If you want to obtain an agreement while having a meeting with your delegates . It has really blown up the life of loads of people.

Gourmet black coffee has many benefits, which are cited below.

Good antioxidants
It has been proven that gourmet black coffee contains first-class antioxidants and which build strong immune system. Gourmet Coffee also saves you from radicals.

Remedy for better health
Gourmet Coffee is one of the best remedy for many diseases like heart diseases, diabetes and stroke. You can make stronger your immune system with gourmet coffee. A cup of coffees can make bigger changes in your life.

Enhance the growth of child
It provides extra outcome and energy to your child growth so You should give gourmet coffee and gourmet chocolates to your child.

Gourmet coffee provides enormous relaxation, leisure and happiness to mind. You will be very happy after having gourmet coffee. You must offer coffee at business meeting and your date with partner. It can affect both of you.

Once you acquire your gourmet flavored black coffee beans home and make your day seems to get well again. Gourmet Black Coffee will fetch up your right mind to life with the well-off smooth flavor and filled aroma of the most pleasurable tasting coffee.

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Flavored Coffees a Delicious Enticer

Millions of people enjoy and consume coffee as a drink not only for its aroma but for its property as a stimulant. Some like to drink hot steaming coffee, while others dribble over cold coffee shakes. Choices are infinite these days because flavored coffee is in the move. Coffee now comes in different flavors that are mouth-watering. Coffee lovers across the world are experiencing the delight with these flavors, and with new flavors being innovated to blend with coffee every day. The art of flavoring coffee evolved years ago with basic ingredients like cardamom, cinnamon, and pepper. Since then auspicious beginning, flavorings have passed long journey. Flavors these days comprise mango, almond, hazelnut, pumpkin, peanut butter, and numerous to mention. Flavored gourmet coffee is a highly popular drink consumed.

Flavors in liquid form are added after roasting. Flavoring should be done with proper mixture, a pound of coffee flavored with half an ounce of flavor. Coffee can be enhanced with most of the flavors that are conceivable. Technology has helped by adding flavor directly to coffee bean instead of adding after grinding. Butterscotch Toffee, Chocolate Raspberry Cream, Carmel Kiss, Cinnamon Toddy, Chocolate Turtle are the common flavors mixed with coffee. The type of coffee beans used has a huge impact in determining the taste of the coffee flavor. Arabica beans having low acidity level and bitterness are most often used for making the best flavored coffee. These beans are of superior quality and are milder and flavorful than Robusta beans used in commercial and instant coffees. Experienced coffee roasters produce best flavored coffee from a mix of beans from diverse regions, laying in the coffee selection the same care as they do for classic coffees.

Best flavored coffee contains cent percent natural flavors, while commercial coffee uses artificial flavorings. Natural oils in flavored coffees are extracted from a mixture of sources, such as cocoa beans, southern pecan, hazelnut, vanilla beans, various nuts and berries. Synthetic flavors are chemicals manufactured on a commercial base. There are many flavoring substances which can be supplemented to coffee to give an extra ordinary flavor experience. Gourmet flavored coffee is made by applying oil to roasted beans. These oils are produced specifically for flavoring coffee beans. The best oils are primed using natural constituents. These ingredients expensive than synthetic ones conserve the natural flavor and enhance the richness of coffee. Oils manufactured by chemicals are likely to distort the actual taste. The various popular types of gourmet flavored coffee are Black Forest cake, Apricot cream, chocolate raspberry, Café Napoleon, Jamaican rum, vanilla hazelnut and Southern pecan.

Adding a feathered touch of flavored coffee to regular coffee beans brings an exceptional taste that is unique.

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