Is Coffee, the Secret Killer?

Regular coffee drinkers take their early morning fix, claiming it wakes them up and makes them more efficient. Others insist moderate coffee consumption is perfectly safe and even has health benefits. However, as much as we all want to believe these random myths about the black goo making you live longer, stronger and helping you grow wings so you can fly… well sorry to be the rain cloud on your cuppa, but the truth must be out. So here’s a list of the dark sinister side of the drink:-

1. Caffeine, the main active ingredient in your coffee, blocks adenosine (the chemical that makes you drowsy), and increases your concentration. However, long term drinking will increase drowsiness making you crave more to stay awake.

2. Coffee also has a laxative effect. This can make you dehydrated, causing headaches and tiredness.

3. Long term, heavy caffeine use leads to a rapid development of osteoporosis (low bone density).

4. Many people have controversial views on these pros and cons of coffee, especially when it comes to the heart. But let’s face it; if caffeine increases concentration, it increases your heartbeat. Am I right or am I, well right? This is because the caffeine blocking adenosine constricts the brain’s blood vessels. The heart beats rate increases, muscles tighten, the blood pressure booms, blood vessels near the surface constrict and more blood flows to the muscles.

5. Therefore, if you’re into an active lifestyle, the heart beats can increase up to a dangerously high level, while triggering extremities shivering and nausea. On the long term, this may ultimately lead to heart attacks.

6. Caffeine causes sleep disturbances. Don’t even think about drinking coffee or other caffeine containing beverages before sleep, unless you want to experience Inception (2010). And remember that the alkaloid needs 12 hours to be completely eliminated from your body.

7. Unfiltered coffee, has been linked to higher levels of cholesterol, this ultimately leads to heart problems. It has also been linked to weight gain.


So there you have it! Many researchers have found several links with caffeine in instant coffee being hazardous, but have also found several benefits. The side effects of drinking too much coffee can be quite lethal, but then again a little bit of variety in the right portions is beneficial and that goes for all food and drink.

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Coffee Makers – Top 5 Best-Selling Coffee Makers

There are few things that people will allow themselves to be labeled as, much less label themselves. Would you consider yourself among the elite that call themselves a “coffee drinker”? If you are, or plan on being, a little knowledge can go a long way in terms of coffee makers. As everyone pinches their pennies these days, less coffee connoisseurs are flocking to the coffeehouse and more are making their coffee at home. Knowing top five best selling coffee makers is the smartest way to make a decision on how you want to be classified.

Bunn Coffee Makers

Bunn is the best-selling coffee maker on today’s market. Initially starting out as a commercial coffee maker manufacturer, their products are designed specifically for producing large quantities of the warm brew. However, when the Bunn company saw the demand for their top quality coffee maker products for home use, they rose up to the occasion. While slightly more costly, their reputation for quality and dependability makes their coffee makers and excellent choice.

Senso Coffee Makers

Senseo is another great coffee maker whose focus is more of the technologically advanced devices. This household name manufacturer lately has also been developing more toward the one touch, one cup brew method. Some of the finest brew makers are produced by this company as many have perfected the art of coffee making using their products.

Cuisinart Coffee Makers

Cusinart is another giant in the world of small appliances. While coffee machines are not their appliance of focus, they are certainly making it big with their new lines of quality and user friendly brew makers. Their superb attention to detail and quality is well acknowledged and celebrated by coffee loving enthusiasts, creating a strong and steady base of clientele.

Keurig Coffee Makers

Keurig is one of the new names of the coffee maker production but they are coming in strong. These coffee machine masters are focused on just producing great brewing products. They have brew makers that can do just about everything — except peel potatoes. And they are recognized as one of the leading manufacturers of quality home coffee machines in the world. Their single cup brewing technology is the cornerstone of all their brewing systems.

Krups Coffee Makers

Krups is another fine company that offers some of the world class coffee makers. While the company produces more than just the at home coffee maker, a Krups machine offers over 150 years of precision engineering and passion for quality.

Ultimately when you are making the decision to purchase a coffee maker, keeping in mind these top five best selling brand names will ensure you get the best product for you.

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Coffee Methods – How to Make different coffee tastes

The most popular method for coffee making is espresso coffee. To many people espresso coffee is just another drink but in fact espresso coffee is quite difficult to make. Espresso is a blend of several different types of coffee beans. It is also not necessary that beans are coming from one plant or from one country. These could from different plants or even from different countries.  Espresso Coffee There is a big misconception about espresso coffee that it is quite easy. People made this wrong conception from their experience from coffee bars where customer gives order and in couple of minutes the beautiful coffee cup is handed over to him. When you heard the name of espresso coffee, Italy will come into your mind quite automatically because espresso coffee is synonymous with Italy.
To make a perfect cup of coffee, you have two options to make coffee. One option is making coffee with whole bean and second is by using grounded coffee. However whole coffee bean is considered better option for making coffee.  In grounded option, coffee may lose its original flavor. Either you are using whole coffee bean or grounded coffee, it is better to store coffee in cool dark place but off course not in the freezer / refrigerator.
There is no particular way of making coffee. There are various methods by which you can achieve a perfect cup of coffee. The most common method is automatic filter drip. Automatic filter drip is probably the most common in the Unites States and in Europe as well. The big reason for its immense popularity is ease of use. Another advantage in automatic filter drip is that you can find many drip coffee makers with auto option. By auto option you can set timer, so you can wake up to an all readymade coffee. Automatic drip works by heating water in a chamber to almost boiling and then pouring the boiled water over ground coffee beans.
Another popular method of coffee making is French press or press pot and coffee plunger. It is also the simplest coffee brewing device. A French press consist a narrow cylindrical jug which is usually made of glass with a plastic or metal plunger. This plunger fits securely into the cylinder and also has a fine wire which plays the part of filter. In other popular names of coffee such as espresso coffee, roasted coffee, Turkish coffee, fresh coffee, cappuccino coffee are also popular methods. Interestingly, to have a cup of coffee you don’t need to spend lot of money. You can brew an excellent cup of coffee by using any method according to your personal liking and taste.

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