Are you looking to have the best quality renowned award-winning coffee in your office?

There is nothing like a good cup of coffee while at work, and having a coffee machine the in the office is an ideal way to have it. The morning seems to be the best time to enjoy that coffee. The office coffee machines are usually in a separate room and office workers usually take turns making the coffee and cleaning up. The smell of coffee brewing in the office in the morning is enough to give anyone that get up and go that they need to get the work started. It’s also a nice place to visit with co-workers before getting the work day started.


It is far better for a company to provide a comfortable environment where employees are free to take a break. A very expressive way for an employer to let staff know their needs are respected is to have a vending coffee machine installed. If the premises are large or sectioned off it may be convenient to have more than one coffee machine so employees remain in their designated area.


The Coffee Machine Co is able to deliver solutions for all situations and requirements. We only provide premium quality European equipment and the best organic fair trade and rain forest alliance beans roasted and packaged here in Australia.


Starting from the cost of 2 cups of coffee a day, you can have a Quality Commercial Coffee Machine in your business, office or workplace. We can also provide the coffee direct to your office with scheduled cleaning and maintenance provided for on a per cup charge basis. All our machines sold come with a complementary 500 cups of coffee so you can try our medal winning organic coffee blends right in your office.


All businesses are different and needs vary. Please take the time to look at our machines at our website and their capabilities to see what machine may suit your requirements. Take a look at our range of top quality Swiss designed & built coffee machines and get one into your staff room today.

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The query of Coffee sale and farmers

With the upcoming markets importing more and more coffee and natural disasters around the world the tension between coffee supply and demands is only growing.

When it comes to coffee makers and the demand for them, there are other demands on other merchandise ahead of that. The demand for coffee and the demand for sale of coffee come 1st.

There are a lot of big coffee firms in distinct components of the world. These firms or corporations that combine a quantity of organizations get the best profit. Other organizations, such as Sweet Unity Farms in Tanzania, are little farms who are trying to get a fair share for there coffee. These firms now uncover that they need to type coops in order to make a fairer price tag for there coffee. These challenges influence these little farms, but they also have an effect on the price of coffee simply because of the amount of coffee obtainable. Coffee, becoming an organic plant, is affected by the weather and diseases.

The next challenge is the processing of the coffee beans. There coffee roasting organizations all more than the world. Every of them would like a fair share of the business of processing and roasting the coffee beans. Huge businesses who sell roasted coffee roast there own beans to match there distinct bean flavors or “tastes.” Even some smaller bean companies roast there very own beans. This is true with Fair trade coffee, which has been intended to help poor coffee farmers that are creating high high quality gourmet/organic coffees. It has grow to be an crucial situation for coffee lovers and connoisseurs to help the local farmers. These coffee lovers and connoisseurs can do so by way of fair trade coffee. Otherwise numerous coffee growers in Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean are forced to abandon their techniques of expanding coffee for cheaper approaches and therefore sacrifice the coffee’s high quality.

Other demands behind the scene are these for the spices and flavorings that are place into the coffee to make the flavors or “tastes.” The demand for fresh quality spices is also subject to climate and possible ailment. Flavorings too may possibly be subject to the fruits and other goods that make up the flavors.

When coffee is much more plentiful and the demand remains high for different coffees, these organizations will continue to produce there very best merchandise to be component of the chain in creating all the different coffees that are on the market place these days.

Different coffees from distinct countries, blends from distinct countries and flavored or spiced coffees combinations produce the want for coffee roasters and coffee makers of a variety of kinds. We who are in the coffee maker enterprise see this trend for much more coffee makers for the residence and for commercial purposes. As extended as far more individuals drink coffee, so will the chain of producers to coffee makers sellers see much more calls for what they have to offer.

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Coffee Makers for Coffee Aficionados

Coffee makers have made it possible for coffee lovers to sip a cup of piping hot coffee with the same rich quality and flavor offered by professional cafes, any time, from the comforts of their home. Portable coffee machines grant you the same enjoyment while on the go. Many precious happy moments can be spent with family and friends sharing a pot of delectable steaming coffee made by your personal coffee maker. Whipped cream, ice or vanilla essence is often added to coffee to make other beverages like iced coffee and frosty blends.

Coffee maker prices range from $20-$265 depending on their features, capacity and brand. However, investment in even a costly high-tech coffee maker is a prudent decision in the scenario of global food inflation and coffee price hikes by cafes.

Coffee machines are designed for exacting an excellent brewing performance; they proffer rich coffee flavors by ensuring the water is heated to the right temperature. When buying a coffee maker, prefer one with a convenient detachable reservoir that can be filled at the kitchen sink to avoid spillage. Look for coffee makers with a removable drip tray or anti-drip technology to reduce mess. 1-cup pod coffee machines or 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12-cup capacity coffee machines can be purchased depending on user needs.

User-friendly drip coffee machines drip coffee into a glass carafe; those with a conical coffee filter and charcoal water filter extract maximum coffee ground flavor. Thermal coffee machines teemed with thermal carafes instead of glass carafes will help keep your coffee steaming hot for almost 24 hours. Coffee machines without carafes often have a cup warmer tray.

Some high-tech coffee machines offer voice command recognition; some allow you to select coffee strength. Pre programmable coffee machines let you set the start time almost 24 hours in advance so that you can wake up in the morning to a delicious cup of coffee, drink away your morning blues and be energized for your day.

A single high end Espresso coffee machine can make you many coffee styles such as frothy Espresso and more concentrated Cappuccino and Lattes. Steam driven and manual espresso maker models are inexpensive, but passé; semi automatic machines give you control over the quality of coffee made.

Automatic electronic Espresso coffee makers can be programmed to stop the brew cycle short for Ristretto style coffee or engage in a longer brew cycle for Lungo style coffee. Super automatic Espresso machines have an integrated grinder so you get yummy espresso made from freshly grounded coffee when you add whole beans in the machine and turn it on. The French press coffee machine provides coffee connoisseurs the ideal cup of gourmet coffee with full coffee oils essence.

Filter coffee machines with high speed minute brewing abilities are available. Electronic or manual percolators are cheap and suitable for large families as they can make almost 12 cups of aromatic coffee at a time. Versatile hot drink machines produce spiced or flavored coffees and cocoa besides various coffee styles.

The best coffee makers come from Bunn, Black and Decker, Kalorik, Saeco, Hamilton Beach, Summit Ultra, Cuisinart Crew Central and Philips.

Clean the coffee machine every fortnight with boiling water and vinegar in 1:2 ratios to remove mineral deposits, stray coffee grounds and coffee oil remains. This helps maintain correct brewing pressure and ensures that your drink is fresh, full bodied and flavorful. No matter what coffeemaker you buy, the quality of your brew is only as good as the quality of your coffee grounds or beans. Use fresh coffee beans or grounds stored in airtight containers for best results from coffee makers.

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