How to Do Coffee Enema?

Coffee enema is very different from saline enema due to the caffeine, theophylline and theobromine from coffee. When coffee is introduced from the anus, the compounds combine and stimulate the relaxation of smooth muscles causing dilatation of blood vessels and bile ducts.

The benefits of coffee enemas is different from drinking coffee because the absorption of coffee. The coffee is a stimulant to our liver. It will be taken to liver through hemorrhodial vein and speed up the detoxification process. The enzymes in coffee (palmitates) help carrying out the toxins in bile acid. When bile ducts are dilated, more toxins are carried away by the biles to the gastro-intestinal tract. When the lower colon is full of 1.5 litres of coffee, the colon will evacuate all the coffee, toxins and bile out of our body.

The materials that are required for a successful and complete coffee enema is reusable enema kit, organic coffee or coffee which is not decaffeinated, purified or filtered water, pot to boil coffee and a jug that is able to fill up 1.5 litres of water.

Pour 0.5 litre of water and 2 teaspoon of coffee powder into the pot. Boil it for 10 minutes. Mix the coffee with the other 1 litre of water into the jug. Make sure the temperature is close to your body temperature by sticking your hand into the jug. Pour the mixture into the enema bag. Hang the enema bag at somewhere which is at the height of your door knob. Allow some water to come out to make sure all the air is out from the tube. Insert in your anus and lie down on the floor by shifting to the right side. Allow the coffee to go in your body and hold it around 10 minutes.

There are some important notes you need to remember. Always make sure the temperature is around your body temperature. It is ok that you feel like letting go the coffee out of your body when only 0.5 litre is introduced into the body. This usually happens for the first few or even after ten times. Allow yourself to release it out from your body. Make sure your coffee enemas are done in the toilet.

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Summer's Day Hot Coffee: Beans Cooled Yet?

You’re perhaps thinking that making a hot cup of coffee, then taking the drink right down to room temperature, and chilling it inside the refrigerator constitutes an easy iced coffee. This is totally wrong! No doubt hot coffee is a warm brewed coffee, there is however a method to ensure it is made correctly, a method that may be different from the way in which a hot coffee is brewed.

Producing Iced Coffee The initial Way

Iced coffee actually refers to a vintage method of generating cold coffee. Warm coffees are hot-brewed, yet if you want to make this drink the way in which it was made when it was started, then you have to cold-brew the actual coffee. Yes, that is correct – You do not need to be able to heat coffee if you need to make a hot coffee. There are a chill process coffee techniques available in the market that do not require electricity. All you need is a unique pot, cold normal water, and coarsely grounded coffee beans!

Merely pour the cool water in the particular pot and stir in the coarsely grounded coffee beans. What is going to happen is that the cool water will draw out the coffee flavours but will not draw out the bitter substances and the oily oils that are contained in the beans. Consequently the iced drink, which is produced, will have a lesser amount of acid content than it would also have if it had been hot-made. Coffee made that way was originally named iced coffee. This process was invented in 1962 by a compound engineer, Todd Simpson, and his business is still around right now (It’s called Toddy Products).

Iced Espresso: Tips And Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks that will enhance your hot coffee experience:

i) Put some of the coffee you’ve made in the actual freezer and make ice out of it. Wish to experiment further Possibly you can add any small bit of glucose syrup and chocolate flavoring. Outcome: Great ice cubes that you could suck on!

ii) If you choose to make this while using hot-produce method, then you should get the coffee into the icebox once it gets to room temperature. In case you allow it to acquire colder than which, then it may drop its flavor.

iii) Add whipped cream to your hot coffee and move it up perfectly in a beverage shaker. This will make that coffee look frothy and also attractive and, to know, your friends and neighbors will regard you just as one professional!

Ryan has been a coffee lover and drinker for many years and enjoys writing about his experiences with Iced Coffee. He also likes to pass on useful information of how to get the best out your coffee machine and new brewing techniques to his friends and readers on his website Mighty Bean Coffee.


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Why Using a Thermal Carafe Won’t Burn Your Coffee

The thermal carafe does an excellent job of holding in the coffee’s flavor and keeping it fresh. Most coffee makers will come with a glass carafe, but more and more companies are beginning to produce thermal carafe alternatives. Thermal carafes are made of stainless steel, which has the ability to hold heat and keep the coffee product fresh for hours at a time, especially compared to your average glass carafe. This also means that you will not need a warming burner underneath your carafe any longer, which often has the potential to burn your coffee and cause it to become bitter. The experts out there that agree that glass carafes that set on hot plates will burn coffee and some even go as far as to call it evil. The thermal carafe does just about everything right and there are lots of different options out there depending on how you like your coffee to be poured. Your coffee or tea water will stay hot for hours, whether you are serving it at the table, office, or other event. You can also use these carafe servers for cold beverages such as ice water, ice tea, milk, etc during the warmer months. The quality double wall of a stainless steel carafe provides superior insulation, while being durable and elegant. There are also many types of designer carafes, which are an attractive addition to any table.

There are a variety of types and brands of the coffee thermal carafe, each which have their own pros and cons. The stainless steel carafe is the best option for keeping beverages hot for 12-24 hours, however are typically more likely to stain over time. Unfortunately stainless just means that it won’t stain from rust, which is why coffee stains can still be a problem for these models because of how long the coffee sets inside of the bowl. Glass thermal carafes, which do not require a hot plate, are attractive for any occasion and will not stain from long term coffee use. However, glass carafes will not keep the beverage hot for as long as the stainless steel carafe. Some carafes have an option to control the speed of pouring, from a slow drip to a fast pour. In the commercial setting, thermal carafe air pots have a pump dispenser built in, which rapidly fills up your cup with ease.

If you have had an issue with your glass coffee carafe sitting there for hours at a time, and then burning the coffee as a result, then that is something that you no longer have to worry about with the use of a thermal coffee carafe. This is a wonderful advancement in coffee technologies because it allows you to pre-brew your coffee so that it remains fresh for a longer period of time. This will also keep you from wasting any Java because you can hold your hot coffee for any other family members so that you don’t have to throw it away. As with most things in life, you will get what you pay for in a thermal carafe and make sure it will fit your needs because it will stand the test of time. Some people enjoy having many smaller types of carafes for various types of occasions, while others prefer owning a larger carafe that can be used anywhere and anytime. There are lots of great sites out there that allow you to compare and contrast all the various features of a thermal carafe to help determine which the best is for you.

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