The Nalu Sun Bottle: Glass Water Bottle, Fruit Infuser, Coffee & Tea Tumbler – BPA-Free

Wow! I infatuated with this beautiful plastic-free glass water bottle! Not only is it the coolest looking bottle that I can find find on Amazon, but also it's the most useful at the same time. It functions excellent as a basic water bottle. Sixteen ounces is the ideal size.

It's also used frequently as a tea tumbler/tea infuser. Works perfectly with loose leaf tea! For a few teas, I love to leave the tea leaves in, therefore I simply utilize the single layer filter. With the leaves in the bottle, the single layer filter strains the leaves as you sip. For some different types of tea, I use the basket since I wish to be flexible enough to take the tea leaves out readily - either because it is going to steep too much, or because I want to steep the leaves again later.

You may also utilize the single layer filter to create fruit infused water. Throw some pineapple, passionfruit, blueberries, strawberries, peaches - whatever you need - and you've got instant fruit water WITHOUT ADDED SUGAR. That's wonderful. Your body will love you endlessly for it.

In the Sun Bottle, you can even brew your java right inside of it. Just easily add French-ground coffee to the filter basket, do a gradual pour over, and you've got coffee that tastes like French press. Get a slightly finer coffee grind to make really strong coffee.

And for those of you (yes, you!) that like more "advanced" beverages, you may also make use of the Sun Bottle as your own personal liquor and cocktail infuser.

Oh, one more cool factor. It is double-walled - which translates as INSULATED. It will keep your hot drink hot/cold drink cold for a couple of hours. Nice.

In case you are curious about keeping it clean after all of this amazement, no sweat - it's a cinch. The inner piece of the glass is ROUND. Which means that it's super eye-catching AND super easy to wash.

Okay, yet another thing (it just keeps coming doesn't it?): The inner stopper in the bamboo cap has a full silicone sleeve. This means no plastic actually touches your water, therefore no plastic can leach into your water.

I'm sort of a health nut, but I am convinced if they're drinking plastic, everyone should care. I mean, seriously, there's no such thing as a plastic water-bottle that is healthy. Get the Sun Bottle by Nalu – your body will thank you for it. The people at Nalu say it well: You are what you drink!

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Keeps Your Cold Drink Cold, Your Hot Tea Hot, Steeps and Strains Your Tea, and Decants Your Fruit Water

- Did we remember to tell you that it looks beautiful doing it? The Eco-Elegant design will get endless compliments when you use this bottle. You'll become obsessed with using it every single day.
- Holds the temperature of your drink better with double glass wall insulation
- Allows you to choose just how strong your tea or java will become with the convertible stainless steel basket filter
- This eco-chic bottle is lead-free, BPA-free, Phthalate-free. The cap has a complete silicone sleeve that seals the bottle without plastic touching the water. You are confident in getting nothing but clean water. At the end of the day, that's the reason you buy a glass bottle, right?

The Nalu Wave Provides You The Best Versatility Of Any Water Bottle Around

The double wall keeps your drinks at the temperature you want for much longer than all the other glass bottles on the market. Tea on a fall day? Just pour your hot water over the leaves. While it steeps, the bottle becomes a toasty hand warmer. Iced coffee on a hot day? Pour it in ice cold to stay cool longer. The double wall construction eliminates condensation so you won't create water rings in your wake.

Forever Re-imagine The Way You Steep And Strain

- Strain as you sip with a single layer filter, or use the full-basket strainer so that you can remove the tea leaves for resteeping later
- Place your tea leaves or coffee grounds in the Nalu Sun Bottle, add cold water and place in the fridge overnight for the perfect delicious cold brew

The Only Bottle On The Market With A Lifetime No-Hassle Free Replacement Guarantee!

Click The Button To Buy Now, And Your Nalu Sun Bottle Will Be Yours To Enjoy For A Lifetime

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